Project Description

Paul Marcum

Truffle Pig

A true digital pioneer, Paul Marcum joined Truffle Pig, the agency founded by Snapchat, WPP and DailyMail as its President in October 2015 with 20 years of driving digital growth for brands and publishers.  Recent experience includes steering Bloomberg Media to category leadership in digital video and architecting GE’s groundbreaking social and content marketing efforts.  He has been named to Ad Age’s Creativity 50 and his work has been recognized with numerous awards including a Cannes Bronze, a Silver Pencil and three Interactive Emmy Award Nominations.


Content creation, scalability and distribution models: what do you need to build and connect with big audiences?

  • How to create and diversify digital content within the current distributed world
  • Building scale and volume: why you need partnerships to grow your reach
  • What are the metrics to measure traffic and enhance ROI
  • What are brands looking for and how can agencies and publishers help to increase audience engagement with custom content


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