Digital Media Strategies Program

November 15, 2017



09.00 – 09.10

Digital Media Strategies Welcome

Gideon Spanier, Head of Media, Campaign Magazine

09.10 – 09.35

Fireside Chat

New Video Plays: Production, Monetization & Distribution Of New Video Formats

  • Identifying the opportunity within your audience to create different video formats (long, short, VR, live)
  • Resource requirements for production : In-house vs outsource?
  • Distribution: platforms, partnerships & OTT
  • Creating commercial propositions which resonate with clients and audiences

Jed Hartman, Chief Revenue Officer, The Washington Post
Interviewed by Jason Kint, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Content Next

09.40 – 10.15


Making The Most Of Partnerships To Connect To Audiences

Partnerships have undoubtedly been one of the biggest trends in digital in 2017. Media organizations have been collaborating more than ever before to rethink the value proposition of native, to activate new audiences through compelling content, and to create strategy around hyper-engaged audiences.
This panel will discuss creating the foundations of successful partnership, dealing with conflict of interest and measurement.

Melissa Rosenthal, SVP Creative Development & Partnerships, Cheddar
Moderated by: Paul Marcum, President, Truffle Pig


Case Study

Acquisitions, Partnerships & Brand Extensions: Conde Nast’s Quest For Digital Growth

Fred Santarpia, Chief Digital Officer, Conde Nast

10.40 – 10.55


Leading From The Front: Driving Quality Through Leadership In Today’s Global News Environment

Amanda Bennett, Director, Voice of America

11:00 – 11:15


11:15 – 11:40

Morning Break

11.45 – 12.00

Case Study

Strategic Global Expansion Through Distribution From Bloomberg

M. Scott Havens, Global Head of Digital, Bloomberg Media

12.05 – 12.20

Case Study

The Investor Perspective: Business Models That Work

Zack Kaplan, Vice President, General Atlantic & Board Member, Vox Media

12.25 – 12.40


The Elephant In The Room: News Media & Echo Chambers

Alex Skatell, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, The Independent Journal Review

12:45 – 13:40


13.45 – 14.00


The Evergreen Brand: Does Brand Really Matter?

In the age of unbundled news, driven by social-heavy distribution strategies – does brand really matter?

Mike Federle, President & COO, Forbes

14.05 – 14.20

Case Study

The Power Of Social Video At Scale

This session breaks down the fundamentals of social video, including:

  • The massive secular changes around social, mobile, and video
  • The power of social video as the primary vehicle to interact and engage with millennials at scale
  • The art and science of content creation, asset testing, and social dissemination
  • The components that determine social video success

Dan Lagani, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Diply

14.25 – 15.00


A Reality Check For Social – Strategy, Measurement & Metrics

Large social platforms are simultaneously the most exciting and painful opportunity for media owners with never- ending possibilities for storytelling and audience engagement – hear from these digital natives on what the point is for them and how they measure success? What is the strategic approach to making the most of your presence on social?

  • What metrics do you use against this?
  • How do you create the same brand experience cross-platform
  • What is the impact of comScore?
  • What is the value of being where your audiences are?
  • Real-time data analytics and social media trend data – how to implement this in a meaningful way

Mackenzie Barth, Founder & CEO, Spoon University
Tara Mitchell, Vice President of Marketing, The Week & mental_floss

15.05 – 15.20


15.20 – 15.45

Fireside Chat

The Journey Of Business Insider: Creation To Acquisition, What’s On The Horizon?

Henry Blodget, Co-Founder & Chief Executive, Business Insider Ken Auletta, The New Yorker

15:50 – 16:15

Afternoon Break

16.20 – 16.35


Building Diversity Into The Workplace: How You Work Makes A Difference

Allison Mezzafonte, Executive Vice President, Bauer Xcel Media

16:40 – 17.00

Case Study

Creating Agility In Your Product Strategy To Reach New Audiences

Amy Bernstein, Editor, Harvard Business Review
Joshua Macht, Executive Vice President & Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review Group

17.05 – 17.20

Case Study

Podcasts – Why Now & How

  • Maximising podcasts as part of product strategy
  • Revenue opportunities
  • How do these work as content formats?

Brendan Monaghan, Chief Executive Officer, Panoply

17.25 – 17.50

Q&A With Google

The Future Of Journalism With Platforms

Working with platforms is a divisive issue for the media industry, but the consensus for most is that you have to be where your audiences are – but what is the function of social strategies? How do these large platforms see their relationship with content creators? How can they leverage their platforms to tell better stories? How can they better their relationship with content creators for mutual gain? What’s coming next?

Join a senior executive from Google in this Q&A which will discuss the relationship with content creators and answer questions directly from delegates

Laurent Cordier, Managing Director of Global Partnerships, News and Publishing, Google


Digital Media Strategies – Closing & Thanks



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